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This tool is based on Stable diffusion and Vectormaker. Still in alpha version, will release a stable version as open-source. Special thanks to PublicPrompts for help with prompt crafting.The output SVG vector as a visual or source code is Unlicensed License. You are able to license it yourself. The transformation and adoption to a visual using this tool is not under warranty, and this website is not liable for any legal conflict for remixing any licensed visual.

text2icon is an AI-powered tool that helps you generate professional SVG vector icons in minutes. With text2icon, you can quickly create icons from scratch by entering a text description. The AI-engine then generates the most suitable design according to your description, allowing you to customize the design further. With text2icon, you can quickly create beautiful and unique icons with ease.

Tags: AI, icon generation, vector generator, SVG generator, design tools